1984 Transformer Windcharger

The headliner of my Transformers haul for Christmas 1984 was the Decepticon, Shockwave. He was one of the last gifts I opened, at the back of the tree, from my parents. But Shockwave wasn’t alone. My grandma had also given me the mid-sized Autobot car, Mirage. But the first Transformer I found under the tree that Christmas, in my stocking, was Windcharger. And that was just perfect for me.

Smokey and the Bandit was one of my favourite movies, showcasing the coolest car in the real world, the Pontiac Trans Am. That car was the closest thing we had to a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. I had seen Trans Ams, and could verify that cool guys who may or may not have been drug dealers drove them.

Back then, Trans Ams were the shit. So that made Windcharger the shit, too.

Besides being cool, Windcharger was also a fun Transformer to own. Bumblebee seemed slow and wimpy, but Windcharger was faster and more rugged. He had an easy transformation and a surprisingly effective, simple, robot face.

I’m not sure he was my favourite mini-car at the time – maybe Cliffjumper – but Windcharger is now.

Getting into collecting as an adult, I started hitting Cherry Bomb Toys and eBay regularly at the end of 2013, and attended the Ultimate Toy Show in Victoria twice per year, always on the hunt for GI Joe.

I didn’t start back into collecting Transformers until I found a gorgeous Sideswipe at the October 2015 toy show. Then crickets. The May 2016 toy show was bereft of Joes, so I fell hard into Transformers, buying Soundwave, Megatron, Bumblebee and Windcharger.

Holding Windcharger in my hand for the first time in 30 years, it was obvious how much I missed this little guy.

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