1991 Cloudburst

Alright, so something a little different this week. Cloudburst and I are over visiting my buddy, Dustin, on his blog site, and I may have revealed a little too much about my past. And as everyone knows, blackmail material is half the battle. (The other half, in fact.)

Check out my guest blog on Dragon Fortress here.

Plus check back on Colin’s Joes again next Saturday. I promise my next post will be a doozy.

Yo Joe!

I wonder what next week’s post will be about…

5 replies on “1991 Cloudburst”

My introduction to Cloudburst was from Hasbro Canada in 1999. It’s a shame he wasn’t repainted.

Your casual MSV ownership makes me want to invade Canada and find a few of my own. 🙂


Well, I know a guy who knows a guy! More like, I’ve been lucky. I don’t have a complete one yet, though – four pieces short – but I actually have the shells of two more so a deal could be worked out on an MSV starter kit. No invasion necessary.

I used to have a set of gas cans from the MSV that I got in a Canadian collection I picked up in the late ’90’s. It has the missile launcher peg, too. But, that’s the same as the SMS. And, it was broken. Sadly, I traded the gas cans for a 2002 Crimson Viper and a couple of other figures. Don’t regret it too much. Though, it would be nice to still have them.

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