Star Wars AT-AT

For me, Christmas 1983 was a fairytale as imagined by a six-year old. It was the transition year where GI Joe had made its initial strikes on Star Wars, but the two still coexisted in my world. My sisters and I woke up as early as our parents would allow and headed under the tree […]

1983 Polar Battle Bear

GI Joe should have had an impossible battle becoming my favourite toy, given my devotion to the Rebellion from 3-5 years old. But Hasbro killed it in marketing every aspect of the revitalized, reintroduced GI Joe line. For me, more than anything, I loved Joe because I could draw direct lines between the toys and […]

1986 Cobra Viper

In 1985, Hasbro was firing on all cylinders. They had the comic and the cartoon, and were telling great stories in each. The Joes themselves were extremely well designed – detailed, distinct and well-characterized. The marketing machine had been firing from the start of the line with the gorgeous card art, flag points and mailaway […]