1983 Cobra MSV

The Cobra Combat Set MSV was a Sears exclusive released in Canada in 1983. It combined two iconic GI Joe toys in the Vamp and MMS, cast in black plastic with dark grey wheels and Cobra decals. Unlike the two toys it was based on, the MSV was devoid of any driver. A Cobra Officer […]

1983 Snow Job

As a young kid, I had an interest in comedy. I grew up on TV and watched a lot of sitcoms. I like to credit Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and, later, The Office, for my comedic sensibilities. But my history goes far, far back, to watching reruns of Welcome Back Kotter and Three’s Company on CBC. […]

1983 Airborne

Before the pandemic changed so much of our shopping habits, I was in Cherry Bomb Toys and was asked by Aaron, B’s second in command, “Who is your favourite Joe?” There are standard, expected answers for just such a question: Snake Eyes. Storm Shadow. Firefly. Maybe Flint, Roadblock or Destro. My answer was Airborne. Aaron […]

1983 Skystriker

A few years ago, my wife and I watched the whole run of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Teen dramas used to be a guilty pleasure for me, and I had found my way to GG in my mid-20s. I watched the first three seasons on DVD and parts of season four on live TV, before […]

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