1984 Sharc

When I was growing up, my family alternated summer vacations between the east coast and west coast of Canada. My grandparents were in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but my Uncle Jim lived in British Columbia, much closer to where we lived, in the Northwest Territories. For our western road trip in the summer of […]

1984 Baroness

My parents enforced a six-friend limit on invitations to my 8th birthday party, and that meant a few difficult decisions. The most significant absence was my buddy, Laren, who lived a few houses down the road from us. I couldn’t invite him, though, after his mother had forbid us from being friends in the aftermath […]

1984 Killer Whale

A few years ago, my wife and I were listening to the radio while driving back from visiting my in-laws at Christmas. The topic of discussion on CBC was the best Christmas present ever received. Despite the Skystriker being my favourite toy, and despite having received it at Christmas, the gift that jumped to mind […]