1987 Lt. Falcon

The 1986 figures were a high point for my childhood collection, as they carried the crescendo from 1985 just a little bit longer. Everything seemed consistent, and the GI Joe and Cobra sides were well matched. They were both grittier and more sophisticated. But by 1987, GI Joe and Cobra were moving in entirely different […]

1987 Cobra Commander

One of the more interesting stories my mom tells about buying toys for me involved the purchase of Battle Armor Cobra Commander. My mom was on a trip to Edmonton and bussed from her hotel to the mall to shop for my 10th birthday present and some stuff for herself and the rest of the […]

1987 Hardtop

1987 was the last year I was fully invested in GI Joe. I collected some of the carded Cobras and most of the Joes, but I didn’t go as deep into the vehicles and playsets as in previous years. The only vehicles I owned were the Mobile Command Centre and the Eliminator, so although Fast […]

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