1992 Ace

I had a soft spot for my vehicle drivers, before the Cobra drivers became a nameless hoard, before all the GI Joe drivers became generic, cardboard good guys. My first Joe driver was Ace, followed by Steeler, Wild Bill, Deep Six, Cutter, etc. Every one of them became a core member of my Joe team, […]

1992 Wild Bill

In high school, GI Joe and I renewed our relationship. I had quit playing with toys at 11 years old, in 1988, and sold off many of my GI Joe figures at a yard sale in 1991, raising money to buy hockey cards. But my love of Joe never went away, and by 1994 I […]

1992 Toxo-Zombie

Toxo-Zombie and I have a short but eventful history. I got my first in a lot of GI Joe from eBay in 2009. I didn’t know what to make of him for years, and so he traveled with me as I moved from Nova Scotia to the Northwest Territories and finally to British Columbia. But […]

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