1985 Omega Supreme

Christmas 1984 and Christmas 1985 were similar for me. Both started with a big GI Joe toy from Santa (Killer Whale and Transportable Tactical Battle Platform, respectively), and stockings with GI Joe figures and Transformer mini-cars. Both included Transformers from my Grandma (Mirage and Inferno/Red Alert). And in both cases, I got large Transformers from […]

1984 Autobot Mirage

The mid-sized Autobot cars and trucks in the first series of Transformers were among the most impressive toys ever created. They were incredibly realistic toy cars and amazing robots too. I was really feeling Transformers the first Christmas they were on the market. But somehow many of the first series had already passed me by. […]

1985 Autobot Powerglide

The “mini-cars” from Transformers were a perfect price point to buy for birthday gifts when I was a kid. And they were just cool, particularly as Transformers were one of the hottest toys on the market. All the mini-cars, and non-cars, were Autobots. The two that didn’t seem to fit with the other good guys […]

1984 Transformer Windcharger

The headliner of my Transformers haul for Christmas 1984 was the Decepticon, Shockwave. He was one of the last gifts I opened, at the back of the tree, from my parents. But Shockwave wasn’t alone. My grandma had also given me the mid-sized Autobot car, Mirage. But the first Transformer I found under the tree […]

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