1987 Visionaries Witterquick

Visionaries arrived at the right time with the right angle to land in my wheelhouse. A friend of mine had created a role-playing game that was a rip-off of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. And for one year in my life role-playing was my favourite activity to do with friends, until I started caring about my […]

1986 Leatherneck

I was totally hooked on GI Joe from 1982-forward, and a case could be made for 1984 and 1985 as the best years in the Joe line. 1984 had such strong named Cobras, and 1985 had amazing Cobra troop builders, with both years having a shit-ton of strong characters on the Joe side. And the […]

1993 Cobra Invader

Not long ago, I wouldn’t have considered buying the Star Brigade Cobra Invader. It was released five years after I quit collecting GI Joe so no emotional attachment. And during my reemerging love affair with GI Joe in my teen years, the Invader was never more than an afterthought. I remember seeing boxes of neon […]

1982 RAM

The Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) is one of the most recognizable GI Joe vehicles. It was released in the initial collection in 1982, and was a staple in Joe media, playing a prominent role in issues of the Real American Hero comic book. When Joe was reintroduced as a 3 ¾” line, the carded figures […]

1984 Blowtorch

GI Joe was about evolution throughout the line, and it was that evolution that guaranteed its continued success. If Hasbro had been satisfied with the 82s we would have gotten a new crop of green shirts and blue shirts in 1983, and the line would have been dead by 1984. The changes from 1982 to […]

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