colin’s joes

Reflections of a Canadian toy collector.

Childhood Memories

GI Joe found me when the 3 3/4″ line was introduced in 1982. I ate up every bit of the GI Joe universe: toys, comics and cartoons. As an adult collector, I’m nostalgic about a childhood playing and collecting GI Joe action figures and other classic 1980s toys. My recollections are aided by old pictures, childhood journals and research, with a healthy dose of creative license.

Canadian Perspective

I spent most of my childhood in the Northwest Territories. However, I’ve also lived in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, Yukon, Alberta and British Columbia. As such, my memories are coloured through a Canadian lens. As an adult collector, I’m drawn to Canadian-exclusive variants, vehicles with Canadian decals, and Canadian packaging and paperwork.


Robots in disguise

Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


And other toy lines.

What’s New?

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