About Me

Who am I?

40-something toy collector from Victoria, British Columbia. Grew up in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, and spent my teenage years in Yellowknife, where my family continues to live. I’ve also lived in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Nunavut and Yukon.

I’ve collected GI Joes on-and-off since 1994, but more seriously since 2013.

I have worked in product management, marketing strategy and market research, currently work as a senior government analyst, and was published in a literary anthology.

Outside toys and writing, I enjoy reading, listening to old school rap, watching hockey and camping with my family. And I love making spreadsheets.

I’m married and have four-year old twin boys that I’m constantly guarding my toy collection against.

Why do I collect toys?

Growing up in Fort Smith, I had an idealistic, small-town childhood. And collecting toys is a bridge to that simpler, happier time.

What do I collect?

Primarily GI Joe ARAH. I started with the 1980s figures and vehicles, but have shifted focus to the 1990s, more recently. I love ARAH packaging art so collect vintage cards and boxes. And I dabble in troop building, foreign figures, modern O-Ring figures, the Classified line, and custom figures.

Outside of GI Joe, I collect vintage Star Wars, G1 Transformers, Space Lego and other random, vintage toy lines.

I also love comic books and have long runs of GI Joe (obviously), Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, Wolverine, Excalibur, X-Factor, X-Force, Generation X, etc.

Who are my favourite GI Joe figures and vehicles?

Favourite GI Joe figures: Airborne, Snow Job, Breaker, Beach Head and Tunnel Rat.

Favourite GI Joe vehicles: Skystriker and Killer Whale.

Favourite Cobras: Destro, Firefly, Cobra Soldier and Snow Serpent.

My two favourite figures on Canadian cards.


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