A Year in the Life: 2021 Edition

So here we are again! One more year down, celebrating my second Christmas as a toy blogger. A lot has changed since December 2020… Well, I’m still in my basement working every day, waiting out this damn pandemic before returning to the office. But me, my wife and kids are all a year older, so […]

1985 Omega Supreme

Christmas 1984 and Christmas 1985 were similar for me. Both started with a big GI Joe toy from Santa (Killer Whale and Transportable Tactical Battle Platform, respectively), and stockings with GI Joe figures and Transformer mini-cars. Both included Transformers from my Grandma (Mirage and Inferno/Red Alert). And in both cases, I got large Transformers from […]

1984 Autobot Mirage

The mid-sized Autobot cars and trucks in the first series of Transformers were among the most impressive toys ever created. They were incredibly realistic toy cars and amazing robots too. I was really feeling Transformers the first Christmas they were on the market. But somehow many of the first series had already passed me by. […]

Top 10 of 2020

2020. What a terrible year! But 2021 will be better and we can take comfort in that. My family has been doing alright. We’ve been fortunate in our health and have tried to focus on the bright side. We’ve spent more time together than we would have in any normal year, so there’s at least […]

1984 Transformer Windcharger

The headliner of my Transformers haul for Christmas 1984 was the Decepticon, Shockwave. He was one of the last gifts I opened, at the back of the tree, from my parents. But Shockwave wasn’t alone. My grandma had also given me the mid-sized Autobot car, Mirage. But the first Transformer I found under the tree […]

1987 Transformer Sureshot

I got into Transformers in 1984. And by 1987 I was out entirely. My interest had waned as the Transformers figures became more plasticky, the alternate modes became less Earth-bound, and the line relied too heavily on gimmicks (e.g. an endless array of combiner teams). Targetmasters aren’t a memory from my childhood, although I would […]

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